Marilyn has extensive experience working with children, having worked with paediatricians from the private gastroenterology department of the Royal Brisbane Children's Hospital prior to moving to Adelaide, past teaching and counselling at primary and junior primary level, providing the skills to work with children in a relaxed, comfortable and professional manner.

  • Hypnotherapy is an option for children if they are happy to make changes and be part of sessions.  Shorter, imaginative involvement in sessions is a key to engaging children.

Marilyn has provided children with assistance in areas such as these

  • adopting more useful coping behaviours
  • developing positive self-image
  • habit control such as nails, bed-wetting,
  • IBS and related stomach or gut problems
  • overcoming blocks about subjects or study
  • recovery from discomfort or pain
  • recovery from bullying
  • worry about returning to school after an absence
  • worry about exams or tests
  • and more!!

NLP tools as well as guided storytelling or light hypnosis for children allows them to  manage their own feelings and goals in a simple and enjoyable way.


Dealing with confidence enhances study and memory function with exams.  Allows children to feel in control of their learning and memory.



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