NEW  transpersonal focus. 


Mind Body Soul - Inner Self  has a different emphasis to the more conventional Hypnotherapy approaches.   For several years, up until late 2015 Marilyn taught meditation and intuitive studies as part of a meditation group at Fullarton Park Centre.  She also taught  a class in Adelaide called THE HIGHER SELF CONNECTION COURSE for the HOLISTIC HEALING CENTRE  [based in Sydney] in the early 2000's.  


Much is now known about the power of meditation to affect our lives, sense of peace and purpose, as well as the new understandings of how our mind, how our brain works and how what we think and feel affects our directions and even the bioloogy of our cells. 


Would you like to tap into that?  Would you simply like to experience a relaxed and respectful time a little more connected to your understanding of your inner self or soul.  However you understand it for yourself.  Wherever you are at in the now, and are focusing upon moving towards.




If you book an INNER SELF consultation, you will be taken through an intuitive focus incorporating some of the most up-to-date for the new energy focusing and affirmation cards.  Lets make the experience memorable and fun. 


Then, in consultation with you, the focus for the meditation is chosen from this intuitive focus, and a relaxing 15-20 minute meditation that is personally for you will be recorded as you relax and enjoy the special message for you.  You get to take it home with you at the end of the session.


Let your innate self be activated to work for you.  Peaceful, joyful and compassionate is the expectation.  Let your body absorb peaceful and appropriate messages, right down to the cellular level. 


If you want to know more, you may enjoy reading these resources:

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