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If you are deciding about making an appointment, what would you expect in a session?
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Weight Management
There are many hypnotic and NLP techniques to help you recover from a fear or a phobia.
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Smoking and Habits
Changing or dropping habits with hypnotherapy involves working around the habit, and encouraging focus to go elsewhere.
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Stress, Anxiety, Sleep
Hypnotherapy is very successful in working with the inner learning so that you can adjust and recover
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Coming for a hypnotherapy session can be simply a wonderful experience of relaxation, shedding stress and worries, and tuning into the essential you. It can be like experiencing a magical meditation that is tailored just for you.  Would you like that?  Simply book online  as a RELAX and UNWIND session, or ring/text on 0408 825 932.   You leave feeling much more peaceful, energised, and with a recording to use as an ongoing meditation.  


If you want to work on a specific area of your life, here are some ways that people have accessed INNER RESOLVE HYPNOTHERAPY to make change.....


LIST OF AREAS  where people have sought assistance with HYPNOTHERAPY, both  adults and children.

  • Hypnotherapy can not only help you BREAK HABITS, help you LOSE WEIGHT,  and assist you with FEARS, PHOBIAS  or ANXIETY, but it can also help in management of symptoms  such as CHRONIC PAIN, IBS, ANXIETY BASED INCONTINENCE or INSOMNIA.  If you are RECOVERING  from illness , an auto-immune disorder or a procedure, hypnotherapy is well -tested and  documented as assisting in a speedier recovery.   It allows you to ADJUST YOUR MINDSET, REMOVE BLOCKS IN FEARS or HIDDEN THINKING PATTERNS, CREATE OR FIND THE RESOURCES  the way you would like it to be. 
  • get your FOCUS pointing in the right direction
  • Access your mind/body/sense of self connection in affirming ways.


Its all about Learning, neural pathways and neuroplasticity.

It has been tested by neuro-scientists and health professionals.  Evidence based therapy.

  • hypnosis is about learning, relearning or remembering good learning, using our own resources that assist our lives.
  • we learn or relearn best when we are relaxed and comfortable
  • the language and techniques the therapist uses allow our mind to refocus and create new neural pathways and eventually rewire habits or beliefs about ourself. 
  • our mind makes changes and solves problems best with familiar language or stories, concepts and ideas used in creative ways.  Marilyn is trained to do that.
  • hypnosis can allow you to let go of old hurt and baggage that gets in the way without having to relive it over and over. 
  • it is a shared experience by the client and the therapist, and is always with your agreement.


Its all about listening with care, focus on you and compassion. Untangling mind tangles. 

  • the therapist is trained to recognise patterns of thinking, ways we look at ourself, and the language we use that might get in our own way.  It is a part of counselling that is targeted to work with hypnosis.
  • it might contain tools to break down patterns or thinking, or how you are feeling.
  • it gives you a chance to pinpoint more accurately what the problem is, and what keeps it going.


Please note:  Marilyn has now moved to Room 16A, which is in the original heritage building of Abergeldie house. Enter via the porch at the front of the 2 storey building and 16A is first on the right.  A waiting area is provided within the rooms.  AVAILABILITY AT GLEN OSMOND WILL CONTINUE AS USUAL.  

  • 2 locations approximately a fortnight each month at each venue.  Both easy distance from the CBD
  • Abergeldie House, Portrush Road, Glen Osmond, WED, THURS, FRIDAYS 
  • Cowandilla, Francis Street, Cowandilla, WED, THURS AND FRIDAY..




Marilyn Peterson of Inner Resolve has worked with both children and adults for over 14 years with hypnotherapy, counselling and NLP [For more information, check the services section.]  She has trained with one of the top Hypnotherapy Schools in Australia, in Sydney, and has an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy as well as a Bachelor of Education. She is a committee member in South Australia for her Association, and a Supervisor for other Hypnotherapists in SA.


She is ready and committed to assisting you with solutions for your problem areas.


Clinic Hours as of January 1st 2018

Clinic hours are Wednesday to Friday, 9.30 am to 7.00pm, at Abergeldie House
Wednesday to Friday 9.30am to 7.00 pm at Cowandilla.
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