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2017 - Certificate of Clinical Supervision in Hypnotherapy and Counselling.  Australian  registered qualification. 
2017 - Certificate of Intergrative Life Coaching, Centre for Integrative Hypnosis, Melissa Tiers, New York.
-many new advances in understanding how hypnosis and NLP works, as observed and tested by neuroscientists. Tools learnt that absolutely make change and generalise into your learning. 
2018 - Quantum Consciousness Facilitator Training, Peter Smith.




Marilyn has experience and expertise in all areas where people may seek hypnotherapy for assistance in their life, and is ready to discuss whether hypnotherapy is an appropriate treatment for your problems or goals.


She has had additional training and experience assisting with these areas:

  • Working with children.  Has education background and is aware of children’s developmental levels.  Was involved in Gut Therapy Program [Hypnotherapy] for children on referral from Brisbane Children’s Hospital Gastroenterology Private Practice up until 2007, working also with confidence, return to school, study, discomfort and more.
  • Working with auto-immune disorders, to assist recovery  or remission.   Trained with Maggie Wilde, a trainer who has worked extensively in this area.   [Crohns’ Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis,  as examples]
  • Virtual Gastric Band and 5:2 Fasting Weight Loss Program.  Both of these programs are very effective ways to lose weight and gain better overall well-being.  Find out which will suit you, and how Marilyn will support you with these programs.
  • Working with Anxiety, Depression and Confidence .  A combination of hypnotherapy and cognitive hypnotherapy allows you to be able to make lasting new change to how you feel, or how you look at problems, even re-aligning  you to older neural pathways of behaviour and feeling that were there before you lost confidence, or felt overwhelmed in some way. Hypnotherapy is very much a shared experience, with you guiding where you want therapy to go, and the outcomes you might wish to experience.

A Lavender Sky
Author Marilyn Peterson
Do you wonder about, or ask questions about:
  • The role of dreams as windows of understanding and learning in our life        
  • The special bonds of twins
  • The questions of why we are here, and what we are meant to achieve
  • A bigger picture of death and dying.
My twin sister died of mesothelioma in January of 2007, caused through exposure    to asbestos dust in her early working life as a teacher in rural South Australia.
As I was working through the immense grief that this imminent parting caused, I began to recall my dreams of her as a child. The more I looked, the more I saw her struggles, and the bigger picture, laid out for me to understand and to take comfort from. Growing up in an often stressful childhood, the dreams were there, but I didn't have the understanding to learn from them.
As I began to put our story together, the dreams intensified, their spiritual and psychological messages became clearer and more specific. They brought about an intense sense of healing and a spiritual sense of our life together, as part of a bigger picture. 
People who have read this novel have found the healing in its story, there for them as well.
I hope that my novel can help you, or involve you in just the way that you need it to.
The Eternal Spirit
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