Fears & Phobias                                       


Fears and phobias may develop when we learn and then recall a past negative experience, whether we remember it at a conscious level or a subconscious level. Fears can cause us to be stuck, to worry, to avoid participating in many life experiences, to freeze or to cover this feeling with other unhelpful emotions, such as anger or feeling helpless.


Sometimes we have such a strong learning to a situation or thing, that we develop irrational responses to this, beyond the actual threat, and become phobic, suffering sweating, feeling nauseous, faint or shaky.


Because fears and phobias are learned responses to frights or threats from the past, and are stored as subconscious learning, there are many hypnotic and NLP techniques to help you recover from a fear or a phobia.

We are respectful about fears and phobias, as they are survival and comfort responses where the mind was trying to do its best to look after you at the time!


When we work with fears or phobias we work with

  • calming physical reactions - a whole host of techniques you can use for yourself!!
  • identifying beliefs that support the fear
  • finding new reactions that are more suitable
  • letting go of / changing the reactions of the past
  • provide cd's to support you as you make the change.

What kinds of fears and phobias have people recently asked for and received assistance with?

Here are just a few [in any order] - so don't limit your life - get help with hypnotherapy for fears and phobias.


Fear of flying, fear of confined spaces, fear of lifts, fear of dogs, fear of the dark, fear of driving on roads, fear of failing, fear of doing well, fear of fainting , fear of injections, fear of big animals, fear of bugs, fear of meeting new people, fear of being judged,  and so it goes on.




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