Pregnancy & Birth


Pregnancy and Birthing Support.  Widely used and effective MONGAN METHOD

4-6 sessions, with helpful information provided about pregnancy and the birth process.


Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help you prepare for the arrival of your baby, 

using a process of relaxation and learning valuable techniques to assist you to be calmer, both before the birth, during labour and the birthing process, as well as feel more in tune with your baby's development and imminent arrival. 




Sequences are recorded, as well as the hypnotherapy metaphor and supplied on a usb for your use at home and in the birthing suite.


 Before the birth, you are able to work with-  Sessions 1 and 2

  • any fears you might have about birth
  • relaxation, rest and sleep
  • learn and practice valuable breathing techniques for the birthing process.

During the birthing process you will have learned and practiced – Sessions 2, 3 and 4

  • breathing patterns for different stages of labour and birth.  These are taught and explained.  This includes an explanation of what is happening to the muscles  and body preparation concerned with birth, and how breathing and relaxation can assist the process.
  • The partner/father can be involved at every stage.
  • working with relaxation
  • and the physical experience of birthing. How it can be experienced differently.


Digital recording and supporting information is supplied as a part of this program.


Private sessions can be arranged with both mother and partner as required. The partner may wish to learn the techniques as well to assist as needed in the birthing process.   


Session 1

The first session, called Mum and Baby, allows you to let go of the issues around birth and having a new baby in your life.  Any insecurities, things other people have said that are negative about birth or mothering, etc.  

  • Time to talk
  • Facial relaxation breathing :Relaxation breathing that is great for bonding with baby, and also relaxes whole body, including the vagina. The first birth breathing technique.
  • Hypnotherapy metaphor Releasing the Fear of Birth centred around any issues and bonding with baby. [baby coming closer to you]


Session 2

The second session is called Pain Free Birth is Possible.

  • Time to talk
  • Introduction to sleep breathing, where you can relax between uterine surges or contractions.
  • How we can change our experience around the sensations of contractions and birthing.
  • Hypnotherapy metaphor allowing the mother to experience her ability to control and change the experience of discomfort she may experience, or be worried about experiencing.




Session 3

This session, called Birth Relaxation Practice, includes breathing techniques and an introduction to the birthing process using the techniques and developing a special visualisation and personal understanding of contractions in the stages of labour.

  • Time to talk
  • Introduction to Slow Breathing, which you use in surges or contractions while the cervix is in the process of thinning.
  • General birthing metaphor in hypnosis with time to practice breathing techniques. Gentle and dreamy



Session 4

Session 4 includes a full Birth Rehearsal, with breathing techniques for the stages of birthing. It builds upon session 3 and contains a more specific and active hypnosis metaphor.

  • Time to talk
  • Breathing techniques to relax and feel calmer, and explanations of its relevance to the ease of birthing. [Progressive relaxation and disappearing numbers].
  • Rehearsal of all stages of the birthing process as a directed hypnosis metaphor




Session 5

Couples may opt for this session, in which the partner and mother further practice their roles in the birthing process as agreed between them.

  • Practice the breathing techniques and in relation to the birthing process.
  • Relax with the hypnotherapy metaphor and further bond with the baby, being ready for her/him to arrive.
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