Pregnancy & Birth

Pregnancy and Birthing Support.  Widely used and effective MONGAN METHOD

4-6 sessions, with helpful information provided about pregnancy and the birth process.

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help you prepare for the arrival of your baby,  using a process of relaxation and learning valuable relaxation techniques to assist you to be calmer, and feel more in tune with your baby's development. 

 Before the birth, you are able to work with

  • any fears you might have about birth
  • relaxation, rest and sleep
  • learning and practices valuable breathing techniques for the birthing process.

During the birthing process

  • breathing patterns for different stages of birth
  • working with relaxation
  • and the physical experience of birthing.

cds and supporting information is supplied as a part of this program.

Private sessions can be arranged  with both mother and partner as required.  

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