Services and Fees.   

Some fees from January 1st 2017 have increased slightly. Fees are structured as a set rate for a standard 60-90 minute session.

Fees are structured for all people's circumstances, including students, concession holders and pensioners. 


***Fees are listed at the bottom of this page***  


Are you wondering if Hypnotherapy can help you with your problem?  Below are examples of people?s issues and concerns that have received assistance or been  overcome  with a combination of hypnosis, NLP,  counselling methods [Cognitive Behaviour approaches ,  Reframing Thinking and Mindfulness] at Inner Resolve.

Double the benefit of sessions, free of charge!  The hypnosis section of each session is recorded and provided to you on a cd or usb as a reinforcing and relaxing meditation



anxiety, depression, effects of bullying,  trauma, loss of confidence,grief, letting go, stress,

relationships, sadness, stuttering








self talk, 




RECOVERY- physical and self

auto immune orders,

prior to and after a procedure, going back to work or school

IBS, Pain Management,

Travel sickness, car, train, movement.




recovery, such as IBS or getting back to school,

bullying, sleep, confidence,

dealing with anxiety or excitement, study,

fears, habits.


confidence, study and exams,

finding focus, or shifting focus, memory,

public speaking, prioritising, attaining and setting goals, clarity, thinking patterns


encouraging or shifting focus

Virtual Gastric Band and followup as a 4 session + package.

Introduction to implementing the 5:2 fasting weightloss methodoloy, with support as a 2 session+ package.



fears of flying

fear of confined spaces

fear of driving or on roads

fear of injections,

phobic states

panic attacks



dealing with fears

relaxation and breathing for comfort in pregnancy and birth process.

Utilising the MONGAN METHOD





Just to name a few, really.  People have many issues and problems they would like a hand with at times in their life.  Hypnotherapy may be able to help you.


If you are deciding about making an appointment, what would you expect in a session?  


What would you expect to experience if you were to attend an appointment with Marilyn Peterson at INNER RESOLVE?
  • time to talk and focus in on your areas of concern
  • feel relaxed and secure within a welcoming environment
  • set your own goals
  • set up a treatment plan with expected number of sessions and outcomes        
  • make changes as need be
  • a variety of supporting therapy modalities to suit your needs
  • encouragement
  • a relaxing and rewarding experience
  • learn new life tools
  • professionalism and confidentiality

The number of appointments you may need to make varies according to the area and complexity we are working with, but generally, people notice the differences they are looking for in themselves within 1 to 4 sessions. 


Some people choose to work in one area, and then to move to another,  and that is fine as well.





De-stressing the body, relaxation and working with your mind-set allows the systems of the body to settle and to come back into balance or a sense of calm.  Even a short amount of relaxation is seen to be helpful to the body's immune responses.  To maximise recovery with auto-immune responses in the body, a multi-faceted approach is taken. 

  • work with relaxation and rest, using hypnosis and supporting visualisation cd's
  • work with underlying stressors, both present and in the past as necessary
  • work with positive and calming messages for the systems of the body,
  • work with discomfort.  

PAIN AND DISCOMFORT- turn it down, or focus away...

There is much new information on how the body/mind registers discomfort or pain, and what is appropriate for your level of discomfort in chronic ongoing conditions. 


The pathways that register pain or discomfort to the brain, and give the signal back to you depend on many factors, including our focus our expectations, and how we have experienced discomfort before.  HYpnotherapy can allow your mind to:

  • distract you away from discomfort
  • turn the sensations down as are appropriate
  • shift how you perceive the feeling
  • allow you to be more aware of the times you feel best
  • allow the body to recover as it relaxes with hypnosis
  • learn self-help techniques.

MOTION SICKNESS - you can recover and not be sick.

When we are learning about balance and movement, there can be a mismatch of learning between what we see and observe inside the vehicle, outside of the vehicle, and with what our ears and the vestibular system are processing.  Once we experience the discomfort, the pattern is often learned and expected.


Hypnotherapy is very successful in working with the inner learning so that you can adjust, recover and be able to travel without feeling ill. You can let go of old beliefs about yourself as a passenger or traveller.

Imagine not being able to take a holiday in a car, a train or a plane?  People who have had such a bad problem that any trip when they were a passenger was a personal trial, have recovered, even to the point of heading off overseas on an extended holiday!



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AS OF mid 2018
EFTPOS is available and is the preferred method of payment, with thanks. If it is more convenient for you to pay by cash, please have the required amount if possible.
Standard Rate for 60- 90 minute session 
$130 1st session, $120 continuing
 Students and Concession Holders, Pensioners.
$100  1st  session -  $90 continuing
Students over 15   $85
Children under 15  $80
Doctor’s referral.  There is a discount for all people with a doctor’s referral.  Please enquire personally for further information.

Please enquire about package rates for  the Virtual Gastric Band or Hypnobanding, Stop Smoking, Pregnancy and Birth support.

Weight and smoking packages $115 per session
Concession $90.00 per session.
Cash, Visa, MasterCard, EFTPOS are all accepted on visit.

Relax and unwind

$90 per session with MP3 format recording of the meditative hypnosis  supplied on usb or cd at the end of the session. 



Please check with your health fund provider, as cover is subject to change from year to year. 


Rebates: Recognised PHI Provider for
Australian Unity
CBHS Health Fund Limited. 
Credicare Health Fund
GU Health
Health Care Insurance Ltd. 
Health Partners
Medibank Private

MBF Alliances-MBF- NRMA

Navy Health Fund

NRMA Health Insurances


Teachers'Federated Health


Railway and Transport Health Fund

Reserve Bank Health Society


Meeting Private Health Insurance - Accreditation Rules 2008. 


                Medicare rebates not applicable

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