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What are habits and why do they become Bad?

Or - Why be stuck with what you don't want?

Habits are patterns of behaving or being that are so well-learned that they are comfortable [in some way], achieve something and are automatically produced.  Your mind and body gets used to having them in your life.


That sounds good, until you are actually outgrowing them, or you no longer want to use them, or they don't give you what they used to before!!! 


Then they become bad habits! 


Changing or dropping habits with hypnotherapy involves working on either dropping or adapting the patterned learning around the habit, and encouraging focus to go elsewhere. 


Sometimes, such as with smoking we may utilise old learnings of the body and mind before you were a smoker.

The mind remembers well, and can be very adaptable.  We learn new habits all the time.  



If you are sick of how smoking is affecting your health, your ability to do the things you wish to do, or even that it is a habit that is running you, without giving you the benefits or enjoyment it once did, then STOP SMOKING hypnosis will be a relief and a pleasure to experience.  Within a very short time, you can be clear of this habit, and back in control of living your life the way you now want to.


How short a time?  Many people are clear of the habit in one, or maybe two sessions.  That could be you.  Please contact Marilyn for more details.


What other patterns of behaviour become habitual, are hard to stop doing, and we no longer want to be run by them?

Here are just a few Marilyn has helped people drop or overcome...


  • Staying awake at night,
  • tuning into a particular noise or object,
  • thinking in a negative pattern,
  • biting nails,
  • gambling,
  • eating or drinking too much, and so many more. 





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