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Stress, Anxiety, Sleep                               



The combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Psychotherapy modalities such as CBT or Reframing allows you to make changes and let go of old storage of emotion or stress while you relax and rest.  You do not have to re-experience the events or feelings of the past consciously.  You can simply let your subconscious mind do it for you, gently guided along by the therapist.  Your subconscious mind can also help swing the focus back into balance to better enjoy and plan your life. It allows you to remove blocks and fears in your life that are holding you back. 

You will have the experience of also outlining and working towards the focus and feelings that are appropriate for you to better enjoy and participate in your life.


The opportunity to have the hypnosis section of the therapy recorded is a valuable relaxation tool that works very like your own personal meditation.



If you are held back in some way by a fear or a belief that you are unable to perform or to  participate in social situations,  hypnosis, counselling methods and NLP are the ideal ways to let go of the old and bring in the new ways of being. Often it only takes a few sessions for you to be achieving your goals, and gaining confidence.  The amazing things with our resources and learning is that often one skill or achievement allows others to develop when you were least expecting it. Hypnotherapy allows the mind to experience you being as you aim to be, and record it as a new part of your learning.


Some examples of social and learning issues might be:

  • Feeling confident in a new relationship, or out with friends. 
  • Public speaking or giving reports.
  • Finding your focus or even dropping a focus that is bothering you 
  • Being able to gain clarity on some area in your life, or set goals.
  • Stopping or turning down the naggy repetitive thoughts that run through our head.
  • Being able to focus on study and recall information.
  • Loss of confidence through bullying or trauma


Sleep is one of the first casualties when you are stressed or anxious.  You have trouble turning your mind off, wake up at odd hours and shift out of your normal sleeping patterns.


When you are tired it is more difficult to solve problems and go about your normal busy schedule.  Lack of sleep has a big affect on both your mood and even your weight.


  • sleep is a learned pattern, and the normal pattern can be accessed again
  • you can learn different ways to switch off the inner worrying voice and relax with hypnotherapy.
  • It can be as quick as 1 or 2 sessions to begin sleeping more soundly.
  • you have the ability to tune out outside noises and new routines when you shift and can sleep soundly.


FAQ's   Am I always in control?

Yes, it is all about you.......

  • your subconscious mind is always there to protect you
  • you work with the therapist to plan your own goals and methods of treatment
  • you can monitor and ask questions as you go if you need to.
  • it is your mind doing the work, with the guidance of the therapist

What are benefits ?

  • your whole body gets to experience deep relaxation and have time out
  • you learn best when you are relaxed
  • you may learn tools and methods to reduce and manage stress and anxiety in the future.
  • you may even work on one area of your life, and find it has benefits to other areas of your life...... only time and your assessment will tell how much.......

Does it take a lot of my time?

  • usually in two to four sessions people are really noticing change, but occasionally more sessions are needed. You will be able to work this out with your therapist.   When you weigh it up.... that is not  a long time.....






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